Race Tech Seminars 2016

Paul Thede will be conducting seminars on suspension theory, practice and trouble shooting. Paul's technical, practical and professional racing experience combine to benefit those interested in suspension tuning. You can't afford to miss these seminars if you are seriously interested in state-of-the-art suspension technology.

With loads of new technology to talk about, the upcoming Race Tech Technical Edge Suspension Seminars are a must-attend event for anyone working with suspension. Race Tech will take an in depth look at all the new trends in suspension including PSF, SFF, BPF, and more.

The seminars are taught with a straightforward approach that emphasizes learning and progress, not confusing engineering terminology. Students leave with the practical understanding of technical theories.

Seminar 2016

Sorry to say the seminar will not be running in Australia in 2016

Check Race Tech USA for seminar dates in the USA

Technical Edge Seminar