Fork Tools

Seal Drivers

Fork Seal Drivers TFSD 37,39,41,43,46,48,50

Considered to be the best seal driver on the market.

Oil Level Tool

Pro Fork Oil Level Too; TFOL 02

Collapisable tube for easy two handed use

Honda Cap Wrench

Showa Cap Wrench TFCW 4650

A must for 47mm Showa Forks. Does 46 and 50mm Dual Chamber Fork Caps

Fork Cap Wrench

Fork Cap Wrench TFCW 243241H

A must for 47mm Showa Forks. Does 46 and 50mm Dual Chamber Fork Caps

YZ Cap Wrench

KYB Cap Wrench TFCW 49

Fits YZ, CR, KX 48mm KYB Dual Chamber Forks

YZ Compression Tool

YZ Dual Chamber Comp. Tool TFCT 35

Removes the Compression Assembly from the cartridge

Pin Spanner

KTM Cap Wrench TFCW 02 or TFCW 50H

KTM Forks that require a pin spanner TFCW 02
KTM 50mm Hex head for 2007 and SX TFCW50H

Pin Spanner

Pin Spanner

Has a unique reverse taper pins for superior grip

  • TMPS 01 - 4.0 & 4.5mm
  • TMPS 02 - 5.0 & 5.5mm

Fork Clicker Tool

Using Clicker Tool

Compression Adjuster TFCA 01

Really short screwdriver

Cartridge Rod Plate

Cartridge Rod Holding Plate TFHP01

Allows you to work the bottom nut or the fork cap. Fits 10 to 12.5mm rods.

Fork Spring Compressor

Fork Spring Compressor TFSC 01

Compresses the spring while the fork cap is removed from the rod

Foot Operated Fork Spring Compressor

Fork Spring Compressor TFSC 02

This unique FOOT operated fork spring compressor saves time. Mounts on the wall or the side of a bench.

Fork Tube Remover

Fork Tube Tool TFTT 01

Used to assemble and disassemble fork tubes from the axle lugs

Bleed Tool

Fork Bleed Tools TFBT 02S

Vice Jaws

Aluminum Vice Jaws

Holds fork tubes, fork legs and other round objects

Shaft Holding Tools

Shaft Holding Tools

  • TFSH 10 - 10, 12, 12.5, 14mm
  • TFSH 14 - 14, 16, 18mm
  • TFSH 20 - 20, 24, 29mm
  • TFSH 32 - 32, 35mm

Cartridge Tool

Cartridge Holding Tool

Castle-style tool holds cartridges during assembly

Oil Cylinder

Graduated Cylinder TFGC500

500cc Capacity

KTM Compressor

KTM Rebound Piston Ring Compressor TFPC2328

This tool compresses the rebound piston ring to insert it into the cartridge tube

T-Handle Set

T-Handle Tools

High quality, deep sockets

  • TTHS 02 - 8,10,12,14,17mm
  • TTHS 03 - includes 13mm

Seal Grease

Seal Grease

Race Tech seal grease provides maximum lubrication and minimum friction for all seal and bushing needs