DAL SOGGIO - Racepart Division

Dal Soggio is an Italian company specialising in Hi End Suspension products.


Sphere Hydraulic Cartridge - An innovative hydraulic cartridge for Race Performances by Dal Soggio, excellent for off Road discipline, especially for enduro but also very adaptable for high performing motorcross

The sphere is a pressurised, Dual Chamber cartridge, precision manufactured to the highest standards. The Sphere cartridge offers increased sensitivity and response making the front end more tractable, providing greater levels rider feedback. The obvious benefits being increased confidence along with greater riding pleasure.


EXA Piston Kit is a special kit to modify and enhance performance of the WP 48mm open chamber fork. Pistons are made in 7075 grade alloy with an anodic treatment making them impervious to wear.


RAY Piston Kit WP 4CS is the new kit, studied and created by Dal Soggio Race to enhance the performances of WP 4CS, efficaciously revolutionizing the whole fork. In fact, once the modification kit is installed, both the fork legs return to work in the same way and retain the pressurization of the original system. Excellent for enduro, motocross and the other off-road disciplines.